A Parting Gift

by Spires

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UK Progressive Metal band Spires' third full length album, released September 2018. The band takes a step forward in every regard to deliver over an hour of epic progressive metal.


released September 28, 2018

Paul Sadler - Vocals, lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, keyboards

Dan White - Lead and rhythm guitars

Alex Jolley - Fretless Bass

Zac Oneil - Drums

Produced and Engineered by Paul Sadler

Mixed and Mastered by James Stephenson @ Stymphalian Productions


all rights reserved



Spires Manchester, UK

Spires are a four piece Progressive Metal band, based in Manchester, UK. Formed in 2008, the band quickly garnered attention with their 2010 debut 'Spiral of Ascension', and equally lauded follow up 'The Whisperer'. Accompanied by extensive touring throughout UK and Europe, Spires amassed an army of loyal supporters

In September 2018 they released their epic third album 'A Parting Gift'.
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Track Name: In Black Ravines
As the fog deserts this deflated sphere
The more revealed the less he perceives
This synaptic blindness, this cerebral sleight of hand
Is an infinite perversion of the essence of the self

Within the shadows he waits
Into the moonlight he stares

The lightest stones are slaves to the river
On a passive journey towards a blanket sea
Delivered unto uniformity
The art of struggle is a catalyst, yet to what end?

For power in the hand?
For pleasure of the flesh?
Or merely to survive ourselves?
The answers must reside on jagged peaks, in black ravines

And so he shall return
To his boulder, ever frozen in eternity
If just to smash and reconstruct himself
The philosopher becomes the wanderer

Out of the shadows he crawls
Into the moonlight he flies

To where the land divides the sky
To where delusion dies
Beyond the footprints of days and years
He recedes

He may not see beyond the mountain in this lifetime
Yet even aeons are made from passing days

With every stumble he fells a layer of eternity
Amongst the debris of failures past, he decrees…

To let the land compel the sky
To let delusion die
To let the footprints of days and years
Recur forevermore

To lift the ceiling from the sky
To peer through space and time
One must tear down the walls that hold it out of reach

So we may fly close to the ground
Track Name: The Court of Clashing Skies
Hark, in the distance! The axiom decreed
The ancient fanfare of her sermon has begun
She sings of justice, as dust that rides the mortal winds
A folly to the leveller of lands

Oh, the crags and valleys testify to her dominion
Unfettered power, the only law unto itself
So take what is yours….

With limbs unyielding, she carves the night in two
Marching to the rhythm of tectonic dissonance
She mocks the laws of men, as oceans mock the rain
All is lost and won within the court of clashing skies

“On wings of disharmony
I’m risen from the mire
Unshackled from my symmetry
By your daggers of light”

Before the temples, before the lines upon the map
Capricious mother cast a shadow on her dynasty
To nourish without love, to condemn without acerbity

So hear no weakness, and heed no frailty
The only natural law is that of tyranny

“Oh non believer, your time will surely come
To prostrate before the anvil
Forged on iron strength of will
Or wouldst though wield the hammer in my name
To pass my judgement in the absence of the scales”

“On wings of disharmony
I’m risen from the mire
Unshackled from my symmetry
By your daggers of light”

Yet to the morning dew
The storm is just a forbear
An echo through our history
Like the ruins of kings

Oh, my present time
Is eternity’s antiquity
For nothing ever lasts
Nothing will endure
Nothing is perennial
Nothing is immutable

Only death, and maybe…
Track Name: The Seer
Oh these temporal distractions bathed in cosmic veneer
Are a fleeting reminder of the transience of ascendancy
Where then, to find that which is ageless, in the spark of an idea?
For knowledge without mass cannot be tethered to the earth

And so the seeker of meaning encounters the seer
Only eyes titled upward break the seal of quiescence
In parlance with an energy, that drifts far beyond the reach of his igneous limbs
With a voice drunk on sand, he beseeches to pass on his truth

“Though your soul lies broken
Crushed from below, and pressed against weighted skies
May you reach your destination
Not through toil in the bones, rather through flight of the spirit”

So heal me Maker, and break me
So I may cast off this carnal burden
And drink away the clouds”

Breath in, feel it, grasp it, see beyond the world

And suddenly I am carried by dreams of transcendency
Flowing through empty veins, like fire feeding off its own flames
And so I climb the umbilical path to the pantheon
Casting my flesh to the worms, and my soul to the sky

So if I should perish here,
Please let me find immortality in the finality of this body
For the essence of life lies not in the rivers, the soil or the air that I breath
But the flames of the gods

As he calls to the abyss
He is greeted with a shimmering echo
As he looks down to his host
He sees a sickness, a rotting animal
How the unseen can portray such fantastical answers
Yet the dread of a tangible death
Breeds joy in the struggle of life

And so my soul is falling
Imprisoned down below, abandoned by spiritual winds
When I reach my destination, I’ll let it swallow me

So rise from your reverie
Find your meaning in reflections on the water
Do not betray this body, take my hand

And suddenly I am heavy with nightmares of vacuity
But filling a hole with that which is hollow only stretches the void
And so I cry to the rocks of a faceless universe
Please, nourish my waning time
I submit to the future

And so if you perish here,
I pray you will find immortality in the finality of this body
But the zephyr of life flows not from the breath of a god,
But the sigh of a man who accedes to the darkness
Track Name: A Parting Gift
What is this, which oozes life from rotting sleep?
Is this carrion flower all we ever can aspire to bequeath?
A parting gift bestowed unto the worms

With every breath, I suck the essence from the world
With every step I may crush a life I’ll never know
So take this carnal legacy
Share in this inheritance of bones

And sew my marrow in the soil

So in the end, all that remains is that which dwells within the tapestry of others
And so I gladly throw my atoms to the ravenous abyss

And if I left a morsel of myself would it ripen in your tableau of design
Is it mine to give, or have I simply borrowed from your infinite resources, one last time?

So is this putrefied benevolence a dream?
A rank mirage, a murder dressed as charity, an insincere refrain
And does this even matter, this perpetual succession
Always severs our intentions from the soul

Do the vultures wonder why?

So in the end, all that remains is that which dwells within the memory of others
Yet even this is as mayflies to the storm
As all in turn must satiate this ravenous abyss
Track Name: Seed of Dionysus
So if I must accord my flesh with desolation
My dying will, to drink the spirit to embalm the soul
The fruits of suffering are strewn across the mountains of antiquity
So I must swill the grapes of revelry and dance into the grave

As I journey through this fallow land, would my pleasure be a burden to the humming wind?
Isn’t it better to give birth to joy, in the shadow of oblivion, if only for myself?
With my given time, I choose to live with dispassionate indulgence in the heart

I used to writhe with the disconnect of serving mankind, serving the gods
Oh, but could it be said that this struggle within is a barrier?
And so I choose to serve myself

So bring the seed of Dionysus
And plant a garden of obscene delights
May the droughts pass with our suffering
And may our harvest surpass our toil

If I peer beyond my gaze, will I witness my unravelling atomic state?
So bring me honey, bring me flesh, so I may banish this oblivion, if only for a time
Under skies that beat a discordant cadence, I dance far from myself
For I must gorge the senses for the reckoning

Unto dust I donate this husk
I leave nothing to entrust

As this rapture soaks me from within
Still I absorb the downpour to prolong the ecstasy
This inflated delirium of now
Is nothing to the jagged splinters of eternity

So sadness is, and shall remain a virtue to the righteous
And pleasure must remain the parasite that clings to higher deeds
The fruits of gluttony are sewn into the fabric of our history
So I must settle for the joy I can unpick with servile hands

So take the seed of Dionysus
And burn this garden of obscene delights
Throw my senses to fiery depths
Never to dictate my path again
If the droughts pass with our suffering
May the rains restore our tears
And may our harvest never be the goal, only the consequence

As this rapture leaves my broken mass
Still I cling to the memory, to prolong the agony
This deflated delirium of yore
Lies ruptured on the jagged splinters of eternity
Track Name: Etchings in the Emptiness
“Why have you journeyed here?
Did you dream to measure yourself against the universe?
For every hopeful footstep you have laid upon me
I have stamped a thousand upon you”

For every path I’ve cleared, you quickly overran with thorns
And so I lay my broken body upon your spiteful bed
Yet through this haze of death, still your freezing moonlight glimmers
Tantalising shades of meaning never found…oh well

“Oh in one final act of altruism
You too shall nourish my carrion
Just like the bones of lowly creatures that share your grave
You all share me as your tombstone
For in my eyes you are one”

Though I would raise a silken mausoleum
To repel your intrusion
It would seem the spider and the king must share their biology

“Why do you assign this intent unto me
With such anthropomorphic abandon
If an intimate voice can be heard on the wind
Is it just the stirring of internal echoes…
For we are one”

So this is everything
But when everything is nothing
Does this senseless lack of purpose
Erase the consequence of change

The sun cannot feel warmth towards the water
Yet still gold ripples mirror my lost sentiments
The glacier has no passion for the valley
But lo, these wondrous carvings shape my soul

For a raindrop without meaning may drown a thousand wrathful gods

So in the absence of a path
Embrace the liberty to forge your own arterial lines
And if the worldly peaks are shrouded in your Delphic dreams
Then scale the mountain in your blood

So in the presence of the gods
Would I have sought such treasure, buried in vast oceans of despair
And though my journey may be meaningless,
This odyssey became my final act of worth
As it dragged me to myself

As I commit my body to the ground
I lament; this journey could be made without such sacrifice
But were I to reclaim another lifetime
Would I recognise my shadow?
Would I recognise my bones?

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